Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Que Bronze

1091 Glen Rose Road Stephenville, 76401

Member Since: 07/28/2003
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Member Website: www.hardeightbbq.com

The Hard Eight family enjoys sharing what they love; a fun atmosphere, delicious food and friendly, “Texas style” service. Preparing delicious meals for families dining in, or for those who wish to take their food “on the go”, is also something they take pride in. Hard Eight restaurants host live music on their patios every Friday and Saturday evening. The highly trained staff is efficient at preparing, delivering and serving their food to the local business community. Catering is a big part of their business, and serving working men and women in their place of work is something this crew is dedicated to.

At Hard Eight, you won’t see a hostess at the entrance, nor will you have a waiter. You will be served right from the person who has prepared your food. Their pit masters serve you fresh, hot food, right from the pit. And, you are served fast.

Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Que
Phone:...... 254.968.5552

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