EPA Finds in Favor of Hood County

We are pleased to announce that the EPA has chosen to keep Hood County in Attainment status for Ozone Emissions.  The Granbury Chamber of Commerce has been an active partner in this process with the Lake Granbury Area EDC and welcomes this positive news for our community.  As you know, non-attainment could have meant higher car inspection fees, mandatory pollution control equipment for certain industries, and higher permit fees.  Judge Darrell Cockerham and EDC Director Joey Grisham traveled all over the state and to Washington DC to help fight for Hood County and ultimately these efforts paid off.  Thanks again to those that gave financially including the Granbury Chamber of Commerce, Lake Granbury EDF, John Campbell, Lake Granbury Medical Center, Total Equipment, Fort Worth & Western Railroad, and David & Nancy Gibson.  We also appreciate the numerous others involved including the City of Granbury, Hood County, the Lake Granbury Area  EDC, Rep. Jim Keffer and staff, Sen. Brian Birdwell and staff, Congressman Bill Flores and staff, Congressman Mike Conaway and staff, Senator John Cornyn and staff, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and staff, Congresswoman Kay Granger, Congressman Charlie Stenholm and the Clark Group.  The Hood County Clean Air Coalition will continue to be an active group so please get involved if you have an interest.

Mike Scott                                                                                          Joey Grisham
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