Special Events That Helped Save Us

Special Events That Helped Save Us

Special Events That Helped Save Us!

When talking about chamber memberships back in the 1980s, 1990s, and even the early 2000s, one thing was fairly common…membership investments (we called them dues back in those days) were the primary driver of revenue for the organization.  If we had a membership directory, we would sell the advertising and put the directory together, or we’d hire an outside company to sell the advertising, put it together, print it and then deliver it to us…and share a portion of the profits from the ad sales.

A funny thing started happening in the 2000s…consolidations of banks, cutting mid-level employees at larger corporations, reduced volunteer involvement, and an increase in the number of ‘networking opportunities’…and suddenly, chambers of commerce that had become complacent in their operations were finding their relevancy beginning to wane. Special events…business expos, golf tournaments, and awards banquets…all took on greater financial meaning for organizations looking to stand out against networking competition.

The special event was nothing new to chambers of commerce (I mean who didn’t love a good Citizen of the Year banquet?), but up to then, their significance in contributing to the bottom line of the organization was minimal at best.  Themed events began to show significant involvement, growth, and of course financial impact.  The Chamber golf tournament became a Golfing Event complete with contest holes, long drives, and even chances to beat a pro golfer, and suddenly these events were raking in huge sums of money…coupled with live and silent auctions.  Business Expos turned an ordinary trade show into a community-wide event with exhibitors from almost every business category regardless of whether they were business to consumer or business to business…it was another revenue opportunity for the organization to replace lost membership dollars.

Today, special events are still a part of the Chamber of Commerce program of work.  The Granbury Chamber of Commerce holds an annual golf classic that continues to bring 25-30 teams each year.  It’s an important part of the organization’s identity.  These events are great ways to build relationships, and at the same time help the chamber’s bottom line.  However, about 20 years ago, a revolution started happening – first on the west coast, and then in Texas –  that would bring back the focus on chamber memberships.  We still love our events, but recognize that other organizations are competing for the same dollars from businesses in our communities…we must continue to evolve!

Written by Brian Bondy, IOM
Granbury Chamber President and CEO
Membership Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Membership Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Membership Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Membership organizations, like a chamber of commerce, are undergoing dramatic transformations as a number of companies, nonprofits, and service businesses create monthly membership levels as a way to build cash flow and encourage doing business with them.  For decades, there were chambers of commerce, civic clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Optimists as well as fraternal organizations that were membership based.  The proliferation of ‘member benefits’ has caused chambers of commerce to reassess their relationships with their members.

The Granbury Chamber of Commerce spent decades on a membership platform that was based on the number of employees that a business had.  If you had 1-5 employees, members paid the lowest rate; however, if you had 100+ employees, the membership was significantly higher.  The theory was simple—larger businesses can afford to pay more, and if you were a financial institution, not only did you pay a higher rate, but you also paid an amount based on the deposits in your bank.  It was not unusual for banks in the 1990s and early 2000s to pay upwards of $100,000 for chamber memberships in larger metro areas.

Even though memberships were based on the number of employees, the benefits that members received were identical at all levels.  Following the banking crisis in 2008, a significant number of banks began reassessing their investments in local chambers of commerce citing their financial commitment versus their implied benefits.  Thus, the tiered membership concept was born…any business could join at any level based on a series of direct and indirect benefits…the more that the company invested, the greater the number of benefits derived.  With a membership system like this, chambers of commerce quickly found that they could welcome any kind of business seeking membership-based benefits.

When the Granbury Chamber of Commerce transitioned to tier-based membership levels, we found that while most members continued to be basic business members, there were many more that valued the extra benefits that came with one, two, or three-tier higher memberships.  By placing a value on the services provided by the Chamber, we can offer members a variety of marketing options without asking for any additional monies.  This is why we talk about chamber membership as an investment and not an expense…and why joining a local chamber of commerce is still one of the best ways to build visibility for your company.

Written by VYBE Marketing

Granbury Chamber Golf Classic

Granbury Chamber Golf Classic

Granbury Chamber

Golf Classic

The prestigious Chamber Golf Classic has been an annual event for over 25 years and is sponsored by local businesses from Hood County. This year’s tournament is presented by First National Bank and will take place on Friday, April 19th, 2024.

What to expect

Tee TIme

This year’s shotgun start will begin at 8:00 am. Each golfer will be assigned a starting hole prior to the event. 


There will be various contests throughout the tournament including Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive, and more!


Teams with the top three scores will be awarded gift cards to the Harbor Lakes Pro Shop. There is even an award for last place!

Food & Beverage

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided to all participants at the event. There will also be drink carts driving around the course throughout.

Ready to be a part of this year’s tournament?

Each year 144 golfers gather to compete in this tournament. Sponsorships are availble for businesses that want the opportunity to reach this target market. Scroll down below to find out more information on available sponsorships or click the button to secure your sponsorship today! 

Team & Sponsorship Information


Coporate Team

Team of (4), (8) raffle tickets, opportunity to place your banner on driving range, & business recognition in tournament marketing.


Eagle Team

Team of (4), (8) raffle tickets, & sign on  Tee-Box


Birdie Team

Team of (4), (8) raffle tickets, & sign on the Green.

Title Sponsor ($5,000)


  • (1) Eagle Team Package
  • Large welcome banner with logo on putting green
  • Tee-Box setup
  • Recognition before event and welcome golfers at start
  • Assist with awards presentation
  • Recognized at awards presentation
  • Recognized in newsletter for one month
  • Business recognition in tournament marketing and website presence
  • First right-of-acceptance for sponsorship of event next year

Golf Ball Sponsor ($3,000)


  • (1) Eagle Team Package
  • Chamber purchase golf ball sleeves for each player with your logo
  • Business recognition in tournament marketing
  • First right-of-acceptance of event sponsorship next year

Golf Cart Sponsor ($1,500)


  • (1) Eagle Team Package
  • Business name and/or logo on cart & promotional items in cart
  • Business recognition in tournament marketing and website presence
  • First right-of-acceptance for sponsorship of event next year

Corporate Sponsor ($1,000)


  • (1) Eagle Team Package
  • Opportunity to place your banner at driving range
  • Business recognition in tournament marketing and website presence

Breakfast Sponsor ($1,000)


  • Recognition as Breakfast Sponsor
  • Business Logo on tables
  • Business recognition in tournament marketing

Lunch Sponsor ($1,000)


  • Recognition as lunch sponsor
  • Business logo on tables
  • Business recognition in tournament marketing

Drink Cart Sponsor ($500)


  • Opportunity to follow behind drink cart or sit at stationary drink cart during the event
  • Place your banner on drink cart and distribute promotional items to golfers

Tee-Box Sponsor ($375)


  • Opportunity to greet and hand out promotional items, serve food, etc at one of the (18) tee-boxes
  • Banner/sign on tee-box
  • Only (18) available

Best of Business Gala

Best of Business Gala

The Best of Business Gala

The Granbury Chamber’s “Best of Business” Awards Banquet, celebrates Granbury/Hood County businesses who demonstrate excellence.
Held annually, the themed event brings together local businesses, citizens, non-profits, and elected officials, to recognize the role that business plays in shaping our community.
2022 Best of Business Winners included:

  • Ambassador of the YearFaye Landham
  • Women in BusinessDr. Paula McDonald, Beam & Branch Realty, N on the Square, The Nest
  • Granbury Young ProfessionalMichelle Lucero, First National Bank
  • Rising Star AwardWarren’s Backyard
  • Small Business of the Year – VYBE Marketing & Media 
  • Large Business of the Year – HEB
    Howard Clemmons Person of the Year AwardStan Wasielewski
  • Director of the Year – David Orcutt, Granbury Door & Window 

2022 Membership Event:

  • “Godfather” – Tony Mobly,  Edward Jones 
  • “Godmother” – Julie Pannell, Friends of Memorial Lane

With an average attendance of more than 300, the Chamber Awards Banquet is a great opportunity to showcase your company, in front of a large audience of influencers.

Sponsorships do sell out quickly, for this annual event. If you’re interested in learning more, contact maegan@granburychamber.com


Best of Business Gala